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Hollow blow molding manufacturers choose blow molding products molding machine


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Hollow blow molding manufacturers choose extrusion hollow blow molding units. What are its main equipment and devices? Mainly extruder, machine head, die, clamping mechanism and forming mold air supply device, etc., are interdependent and indispensable when in use. 1. Extruder The three-stage single-screw extruder can meet the operation needs of extrusion blow molding. Hollow blow molding manufacturers should meet several requirements when choosing a three-stage single-screw extruder: 1 is the diameter of the screw. Choose according to the volume of the product. For small and medium-sized products, choose a small and medium-sized extruder. For large hollow containers, you can choose to use a larger diameter screw extruder. The size of the screw extruder is between 120~150mm reference value. At the same time, you can also use two small and medium-sized extruders to assemble and assemble large products. 2 is the screw aspect ratio. For example: for continuous high-speed extrusion, the ratio needs to be set to 25:1, which can meet Hollow blow molding manufacturers need extrusion blow molding operations. 3 is the compression ratio of the screw. It is determined according to the size of the resin. Generally, new materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene resin are selected. For example, the ratio of polypropylene resin to screw is (3~4):1, and the ratio of polyvinyl chloride to screw is (2~2.5 ): 1. 4 is the shape of the screw. Gradient screws with different equidistant distances can be selected as the basic screw, because the mutation screw is usually only suitable for nylon or polyolefin materials, and is not suitable for the production of polyvinyl chloride resin. 2. Machine head and die In the hollow blow molding operation, the quality of the extrusion parison will directly affect the quality of the product. At the time of hollow blow molding processing production, Hollow blow molding manufacturers need to pay more attention to the shape of the machine head and die. Regarding the structure of the head, it needs to be made according to the volume of the molded product, and the hollow blow molding head of the corner type is generally selected. 1 is that the runner presents a streamlined shape. The feed angle needs to show a smooth and transitional state, and there will be no dead angle during operation. 2. The feeding props of the machine head and the screw interface are aligned in a straight line, and they must be aligned horizontally, in order to reduce the resistance in the oblique flow of the melt. 3. The shape of the die should be long, generally 15 to 20 times the cross-sectional area of ​​the transverse gap. 4 is to choose the correct inflation ratio, the purpose is to improve the thickness and uniformity of the product. The pictures and texts are for reference only. For more industry information, please pay attention to Ningbo Mastery Proficient in moulds|Hollow blow molding manufacturers|Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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