How to deal with dragging in plastic electroplating processing


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

During plastic electroplating, the electroplating surface of the mold cavity looks very bright, but there will also be the problem of dragging of transparent injection molded parts, which makes many people puzzled. In fact, bright mold plating is not necessarily smooth, and the friction between it and the hot injection molded part is actually very large. Usually, the release agent is not allowed to be sprayed when producing transparent parts, so the hot injection molded parts feel like sticking to the mold, and the longer the mold is produced, the more serious this feeling will be.

Because there will be less and less oil stains immersed in the metal surface of the mold during plastic electroplating processing, and more and more glue stains will be left on the injection molded parts, so the friction force will become larger and larger, and the dragging problem will arise. up. If the draft of the mold is insufficient, it is more likely to cause dragging of the injection molded parts. In order to reduce the friction between the injection molded part and the mold, in fact, we only need to use diamond paste for polishing the mold to wipe the position of the mould. This will not only remove the glue stains on the mold plating, but also allow a small amount of oil stains to penetrate into the metal. The mold surface is smooth again, and drag issues can usually be resolved.

Many technicians at the middle and primary level generally dare not do this, fearing that the mold will be messed up. In fact, during plastic electroplating processing, you only need to pay attention to using cotton dipped in diamond paste to rub the mold instead of using a cloth to avoid rubbing the mould. ​Contact: Mr. Tang 13825769150.

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