How to Eliminate Errors Produced by NC Vertical Lathe Machining


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Since ordinary lathes do not have the function of programming, it is impossible to realize the automatic control of the tool head walking. Direct processing cannot be performed when processing spherical surfaces. However, the machining accuracy and precision of the inner spherical surface size are higher by using the numerical control machining center.

However, for workpieces with a small quantity and a large diameter of the inner spherical surface, a large CNC vertical lathe is required, which will cost more and cause errors. 1. The reason for the error in the processing of the spherical surface of the CNC vertical lathe. When processing the spherical surface and the curved surface, due to improper adjustment, it is easy to produce convex shoulders and shovel backs. The main reasons are as follows: ①The system gap causes a certain gap between the screw and the nut in the transmission pair of the equipment. With the increase of the operation time of the equipment, the gap gradually increases due to wear. Therefore, the reverse movement The corresponding gap compensation is the main factor to overcome the shoulder on the machined surface.

The gap measurement usually adopts the dial gauge measurement method, which needs to control the error. However, it should be noted that the table base and the table stem should not extend too high or too long, because during the measurement process, due to the long cantilever, the table base is easily moved by force, resulting in inaccurate counting and errors in compensation values. ② Improper selection of the tool causes the tool to remove material through the main cutting edge during cutting.

However, after the arc is processed through the quadrant and the arc is tangent to the minor cutting edge of the tool, the minor cutting edge may participate in cutting. Therefore, when selecting or grinding the tool, the wedge angle of the tool must be carefully considered. ③ Uneven machining allowance of the workpiece causes the process of realizing the design performance of the part. Whether the machining allowance of the surface to be processed is uniform is also an important reason for whether the forming surface can meet the design requirements. Because of the uneven machining allowance, it is easy to Cause "replay" error.

Therefore, for parts with high requirements on surface shape, the machining allowance should be as uniform as possible before forming or one more surface should be processed to meet the design requirements. 2. The elimination method of the error of the NC machining spherical surface During the processing of the spherical surface and the curved surface, the sphere may appear to be large in the middle and small at the two ends, or small at the middle and large at the two ends. At this time, the radius value of the sphere needs to be controlled. If it is large in the middle and small at both ends, you need to increase the radius value slightly.

If it is small in the middle and large at both ends, this will reduce the radius value. Try to control the ball error within 0.05mm.

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