Matters needing attention in the process of custom mold opening


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1. Mold opening direction and parting line When designing each injection product, the mold opening direction and parting line must be determined first, and the use of core-pulling slider mechanisms should be minimized in the design to simplify the mold structure. Pay attention Eliminates the effect of parting lines on appearance. After the mold opening direction is determined for custom mold opening, the structure of the reinforcing ribs and buckles of the product should be designed to be consistent with the mold opening direction as much as possible to avoid core pulling, reduce splicing gaps, and prolong the service life of the mold. In addition, an appropriate parting line should be selected to avoid undercutting in the mold opening direction, thereby improving the appearance and performance of the mold.

2. Select the appropriate draft angle when customizing the mold opening 1. Select the appropriate draft angle when customizing the mold opening to avoid the product from scratching. The demoulding angle of the smooth surface should be less than 0.5 degrees, the fine-grained surface (sand surface) should be greater than 1 degree, and the rough-grained surface should be greater than 1.5 degrees. 2. Appropriate demoulding slope can avoid the top damage of the product, such as: top white, top crack, deformation, etc.

3. When customizing mold opening for deep cavity structure products, the slope of the outer surface should be greater than the slope of the inner surface as much as possible to ensure that the mold core will not shift during injection molding, the product wall thickness is uniform, and the material strength at the product opening should be obtained. ensure. 3. Product wall thickness Every kind of plastic has a certain wall thickness range. The general wall thickness range is 0.5~4mm. When the wall thickness exceeds 4mm, the cooling time will be prolonged, and there will be problems such as shrinkage, so you should consider changing the product. structure to improve. Uneven wall thickness will result in shrinkage of the surface, as well as porosity and weld lines.

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