Molding Technology of Multiple Wall Hollow Blow Molded Products


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

With the continuous development of blow molding technology and the continuous improvement and emphasis on environmental protection and safety requirements, multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding products have been widely used in our daily necessities. Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding products It is mainly mixed by multiple extruders and bonded by multiple layers in the machine head to form a layer of extrusion blow molding. This blow molding product molding process can improve the product's anti-oxidation, moisture-proof and waterproof barrier properties, and impermeability. Sex, transparency, UV protection, anti-pollution. The multi-wall hollow blow molding product is composed of two layers of multi-layer co-extruded parisons. There is a certain gap between the two layers of parisons. The inflation pressure is controlled during the molding process so that the two layers of parisons do not stick together. Thus, multiple wall products (such as vacuum glass) are obtained. The formed product can be filled with other liquid or gaseous substances in the double-wall gap space to improve the anti-collision performance and heat insulation performance of the blow-molded container. The multi-wall molding process of blow molded products is a relatively complicated molding process, which requires the control of every process link. Taking the double wall blow molding product process as an example, the introduction is as follows: 1) The multi-wall parison die is different from the traditional die. There is a shunt shuttle inside to divide the plasticized material in the storage chamber into two strands and extrude from the die. When the two strands of parisons reach the upper sealing position, the upper sealing seals first; the system monitors the gap between the two strands of parisons and inflates air from the shunt shuttle; Inflated inside. 2) Adjust the air volume between the two parison interlayers and the parison, seal the upper part and then close the manipulator. When the parison is inflated to a proper position, the mold is closed. 3) The parison is inflated and kept under pressure in the mold. Since there is an air interlayer in the double-layer parison, the inner and outer layers will not be bonded together during inflation and pressure. 4) After keeping the pressure for a certain period of time, take out the blow molded product to form a double wall product. Double-wall blow molding products are composed of inner and outer layers and a spacer layer. The formation of the spacer layer is a new breakthrough in the field of blow molding and has cross-age significance. Double wall in everyday use The performance of blow-molded products is geometrically improved compared to that of single-wall products. It has the following advantages: 1) Impact resistance. Double-wall products are safer and more reliable than single-wall products, because there is a space in the middle, which has a buffering effect during impact and has double protection for the transported goods. This is generally used in the transportation of dangerous goods liquids, which can effectively prevent leakage accidents caused by local damage caused by strong impact on local parts of the product. 2) Thermal insulation. The double-wall blow molded product has a spacer, which effectively isolates the temperature of the internal and external environments. Very effective when storing items sensitive to ambient temperature. 3) Fillability. It has fillability in the space layer and can be filled with various materials. In military use, it can be used as an airdrop item, with functions such as bulletproof and explosion-proof. In other respects, multi-wall blow molding products have better environmental cracking resistance, impact strength, rigidity, moisture resistance, chemical stability, and sound insulation and noise reduction. The materials collected and edited come from industry journals and provide learning reference. For more blow molding technology, please pay attention to proficient in molds.

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