The importance of cleaning work in vacuum plating process


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The cleaning treatment of vacuum electroplating processing surface is very important, which directly affects the quality of electroplating products. Before the workpiece enters the coating room, it must be carefully cleaned before coating. Surface pollution comes from various dust, lubricating oil, machine oil, polishing paste, grease, sweat stains, etc. adhered to the workpiece during processing, transmission, and packaging. In order to avoid defects caused during processing, vacuum plating manufacturers can basically remove them by degreasing or chemical cleaning. The cleaned surface should not be stored in the atmosphere, but should be stored in closed containers or cleaning cabinets to reduce dust contamination.

Storage of glass substrates in just oxidized aluminum containers minimizes adsorption of hydrocarbon vapors. Because these containers preferentially adsorb hydrocarbons. Vacuum coating processing should generally be stored in a vacuum drying oven for highly unstable and sensitive surfaces to water vapor.

Vacuum coating processing removes dust in the coating room, sets up a clean workshop, and keeps the room clean. These are the basic requirements of the coating process for the environment. In areas with high air humidity, in addition to carefully cleaning the substrate and various components in the vacuum chamber before plating, baking and degassing must also be carried out. To prevent oil from being brought into the vacuum chamber, pay attention to the return of oil from the oil diffusion pump, and oil-retaining measures must be taken for diffusion pumps with high heating power.

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