What are the disadvantages of multiple trial molds?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1. If the design review of the injection mold is not good, the injection structure is unreasonable, which makes the injection mold need to be improved many times after the trial mold, which not only makes the cost of the injection mold exceed the budget, but also makes people improve it many times Very unsatisfactory results were obtained. Therefore, injection molds had to be scrapped and reworked, which not only failed to control costs, but delayed delivery dates. In some cases, the design of the injection mold is very good, but the processing of large-scale injection molding is not in place, which makes the number of tests increase for no reason, directly increasing the cost of large-scale injection molding.

No one objected to this question, so many large injection molding manufacturers have increased their investment in measuring equipment. 2. When testing the mold, the molding process and model of the injection molding machine were not selected. Obviously, the mass injection molding process is great, but injection molded products are not ideal.

There is no reason to increase the number of tests, which directly increases the cost of large-scale injection molding. This is a common problem in some small injection mold processing plants. 3. The physical properties of plastics are not completely clear, and even the shrinkage rate is not accurate, which happens from time to time.

Therefore, before designing the injection mold, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of the plastic in order to effectively reduce the number of tests. The number of mold tests for a set of molds depends on the following points: 1. Whether the customer's product structure optimization is perfect. 2. Whether the street evaluation of the mold drawings is perfect 3. Whether the processing technology arrangement of the mold parts is reasonable.

4. Whether the mold processing process control is appropriate. 5. Whether the scientific mold trial is effective. 6. Whether the improvement plan for the mold trial problem is strict and effective.

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