What kind of mold steel is usually used for injection mold opening?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

First of all, we all know that the working temperature of the plastic mold is 200-300 degrees, the cavity of the plastic mold is complex, and the requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface roughness are very high. Corresponding requirements are put forward for the machinability, mirror polishing and grinding performance, heat treatment deformation and dimensional stability of plastic mold steel. Therefore, regarding the material selection of mold steel for injection mold opening, today the injection mold manufacturer will analyze for you which mold steel is more suitable for you from three aspects: injection mold processing and performance classification of opening, and principle of injection mold opening And the effect of material selection on the mold.

1. Choose two types of steel according to the performance requirements of the injection mold! (1) Structural parts, including pouring systems, guides, fixed (movable) templates, ejector components, brackets, etc. The materials are generally medium and low carbon structural steel or alloys. (2) is a molded part. Including cavity, core, inlay, etc., it is the key component of direct molding plastic products.

The plastic mold cavity is complex and requires high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. Corresponding requirements are put forward for the machinability, mirror polishing and grinding performance, heat treatment deformation and dimensional stability of plastic mold steel. 2. The main principles for the selection of steel for opening holes in injection molds! (1) It has certain comprehensive mechanical properties.

Formed parts must withstand temperature, pressure, erosion and wear during the working process, so they are required to have certain strength, plasticity and toughness. (2) There should be a sufficiently thick hardened layer on the surface of the injection mold cavity, which has certain hardness and wear resistance. (3) Good machining performance.

The shape of the plastic mold is often complex, and the cutting cost often accounts for the vast majority (generally about 75%) of the injection mold, so it is required to have good machinability. (4) When the mold is manufactured, it should be selected according to the size and accuracy requirements of the plastic product. For large-scale, high-precision mold injection molding, when plastic parts are produced in large batches, pre-hardened steel should be used to prevent heat treatment deformation.

3. What effect does the material selection of injection mold have on the mold? (1) Influence on the service life of the injection mold Generally speaking, when high hardness materials are used to open the mold, the service life of the corresponding mold will be relatively high. For example, when using steel with a heat treatment hardness of about HRC50, the service life of the mold can reach 500,000 to 1 million times the mold. Otherwise, it is easy to wear and tear, and the injection molded products are easy to go out of tolerance.

Therefore, the selected steel should not only have good heat treatment performance, but also have good cutting performance under high hardness state. (2) Effect of plastic raw materials on steel The raw materials and fillers added for injection molding have a great influence on steel, especially glass fiber has great wear and tear on injection molds. In addition, some plastic materials are corrosive, which needs to be considered comprehensively before choosing the mold opening material.

Therefore, when selecting mold materials, it is necessary not only to ensure the performance requirements of the mold, but also to improve its processing performance as much as possible. Consider the production cost of the mold, the plastic material and the life of the mold.

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