What structural issues should be considered in plastic mold design?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The design and manufacture of plastic molds are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends largely on the design effect and manufacturing quality of the mold. The basis of plastic mold design is the correct plastic product design. What structural issues should be considered in the design of plastic molds? Xingye Xiaobian, a plastic mold factory, will take you to have a look.

1. Parting surface: that is, when the mold is closed, the contact surface layer where the cavity and the mold base cooperate with each other. The choice of its location and method is affected by product appearance and shape, wall thickness, molding method, post-production process, mold type and structure, mold exit method, and molding machine structure. 2. Structural components: guide rail sliders, inclined guide columns, straight top blocks, etc.

The mold is complex. The design of structural parts is very important, it is related to the service life of the mold, production cycle, cost and product quality. Therefore, the key structure of the complex mold puts forward higher requirements for the designer's comprehensive ability, and strives to pursue a better, simpler, more durable and more economical design.

3. Mold precision: avoiding drill sticking, accurate positioning, positioning pins, circlips, etc. The system is related to product appearance quality, mold quality and service life. According to different mold designs, choose different precise positioning methods.

The key to grade operation is production processing. The positioning of the core mold is mainly considered by the designer, and a more effective and easier to adjust positioning method is designed. 4. Gating system: the safe feeding channel from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the middle of the die, including the main channel, separation channel, glue inlet and cold chamber.

In particular, the selection of the glue feeding position should be conducive to filling the mold with molten plastic under the condition of excellent fluidity. When the mold is discharged, the solid runners and glue-feeding cold material attached to the product are easily ejected from the mold and eliminated. 5. The shrinkage rate of plastic and various factors that endanger the dimensional accuracy of the product, such as mold manufacturing and installation deviation, mold damage, etc.

In addition, when designing compression molds and injection molds, the matching between the processing technology and the main structural parameters of the molding machine should also be considered. Aided design technology has been widely used in plastic mold design. In addition, in the design process of the plastic mold, the standard parts of the mold should also be considered, so that the whole set of molds can achieve better results, and then the plastic mold can be smoothly processed in the injection mold processing stage.

The plastic mold factory explained some structural issues that should be considered in the design of plastic molds. I hope it will help you after reading it. For more information about plastic molds, please visit Xingye's official website: http://www.dgxingyesj.com/.

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