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The two-color mold injection molding machine consists of two sets of plasticizing injection devices with the same structure and specifications. The nozzle should have a special structure according to the needs of the production method, or be equipped with two sets of molding dies with the same structure, which can be rotated and exchanged. During the plasticizing process, the process parameters such as melt temperature, injection pressure, and injected melt volume in the two plasticizing injection devices should be the same, and the fluctuation difference of the process parameters in the two devices should be small.

Two-color injection molding of plastic products should use raw materials with good thermal stability and low melt viscosity to avoid decomposition due to high melt temperature and long residence time in the runner. Widely used plastics include polyolefin resins, polystyrene, and ABS. For double-color mold injection molding, in order to make the melts of two different colors combine well in the mold and ensure the molding quality of injection molded products, high melt temperature, high mold temperature, high injection pressure and injection rate should be used.

The melt temperature and injection pressure of two-color injection molding products should be higher than ordinary injection molding products. The main reason is that the mold runner in the two-color mold injection molding is long, the structure is complex, and the flow resistance of the injected melt is large. High performance and high energy saving: After the energy-saving transformation of the two-color mold injection molding machine, the system responds quickly.

The injection molding machine can quickly adjust the supply according to its own needs, effectively improving the power utilization rate of the injection molding machine and realizing energy saving. Good stability: The two-color mold injection molding machine system adopts double closed-loop pressure and flow control, and the supply of the injection molding machine is determined according to the needs of the injection molding machine. Under a given input or external disturbance, after a short adjustment process, the system can reach a new equilibrium state or return to the original equilibrium state.

Good responsiveness: The fast response speed of the two-color mold injection molding machine is one of the important symbols of the dynamic quality of the servo system. Due to the short production transition process, generally within 200ms. In order to meet the requirement of overshoot, the leading edge of the transition process is required to be steep, and the rising speed after energy-saving transformation is large, and the time for the injection molding machine to reach 1500rpm is less than 0.03 seconds.

High precision: The precision after conversion refers to the precision with which the output can follow the input. The servo motor of the two-color mold injection molding machine adopts permanent magnet technology, which is accurate and fast. The servo motor adopts PLC technology to make the control more accurate.

The allowable deviation is generally between 0.01-0.00 mm. Energy saving: The two-color mold injection molding machine adopts a blank system to reduce energy consumption. Improve efficiency and reduce cost: achieve high response, high repeatability, and improve speed stability; two raw materials or two colors can be molded at the same time, greatly reducing process and manpower, and saving costs; parameter setting and system adjustment are a very simple number operate.

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