An effective way to reduce the cost of plastic mold opening


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Plastic mold opening is a very time-consuming and costly project. A good plastic mold opening factory will provide customers with high-quality mold opening solutions, including how to reduce the cost of plastic mold opening without affecting injection molding production efficiency . This article mainly introduces the method of reducing the cost of plastic mold opening. One: Plastic mold Plastic mold opening structure and mold state have a great influence on injection molding cycle and processing energy consumption.

1. Reasonable plastic mold structure design, including mold runner design, gate design, number of mold cavities, heating and cooling water channels, etc., can help reduce losses in injection molding production and save costs. 2. The mold adopts hot runner, which can not only save raw materials and reduce energy consumption of materials, but also has obvious energy-saving effect in molding. 3. Making fast cooling and fast heating molds can improve production efficiency, save energy consumption, and the surface of injection molding products will be better.

4. Ensure that the cavities of the plastic mold are filled evenly, which is beneficial to shorten the molding cycle, ensure uniform product quality, and have excellent energy-saving effects. 5. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, using lower clamping force for injection molding can help prolong the life of plastic molds, facilitate quick filling of molds, and save injection molding time. 6. Mold maintenance work must be done well to ensure that the heating and cooling channels are effective.

Two: Injection molding production process 1. On the basis of satisfying the performance of plastic products, adopt Z short-cycle injection molding. 2. If there are no special factors, try to use the processing technology recommended by the supplier for processing. 3. For special products and plastic molds, record and keep all stable equipment and process parameters to shorten the adjustment time for the next production replacement.

4. Optimize the process, reduce the clamping pressure, shorten the cooling time and pressure holding time, and achieve the best results.

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