Factors Influencing Blow Molding Processing in Blow Molding Products Factory


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Factors Influencing Blow Molding Processing in Blow Molding Products Factory (2) In blow molding factory During the production process, you will be troubled by the failure of blow molding products. Let’s sort out the control factors in the extrusion blow molding machine. We talked about two factors in the previous article, and we will continue to expand this article. 1. Inflation ratio The inflation ratio is the ratio of the largest diameter of the product Z to the parison, mainly referring to the relationship between the largest radial dimension of the product Z and the size of the die in the head of the extruder. The inflation ratio is controlled between 0.2-0.4. When the size and quality of the produced parison is determined, the blow-up ratio will vary according to the size of the product. If the inflation ratio is large, the blow molded product will be thinner and more difficult to inflate, but it saves materials. A large inflation ratio will lead to thicker blow molded products and increase the consumption of raw materials. It will also reduce the effective volume of the blow molded product, prolong the cooling time, and increase the cost. 2. Mold temperature Mold temperature and product quality are inseparable, blow molding products factory The temperature of the mold cooling water is between 10-20 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low, the extensibility of the blow molded product will be reduced, and it will not be easy to inflate. Not only will it be difficult to form, but the appearance will be ugly and the pattern will not be clear. Excessively high temperature will prolong the cooling time and the product will be easily deformed. The mold temperature depends on the type of plastic. The wall thickness of blow molded products is related to the cooling time. Blow molding factories not only need to cool the mold, but also the inside of the mold. 3. Cooling time After the parison is inflated, it has already started to cool, and the cooling time determines the appearance, performance and production efficiency of the product. Prolonged cooling time will prevent the shape change of the plastic caused by elasticity, and the product will have a neat appearance and good quality. If the cooling time is too short, the product will be stressed and porosity will appear. blow molding factory On the premise of ensuring that the product is cooled and shaped, the cooling is accelerated and the production efficiency is improved. blow molding factory The advantage of the extrusion blow molding machine is that it is suitable for a variety of plastics, has high production efficiency, uniform wall thickness of the parison, can produce large containers, and requires less investment in equipment. Collected and edited network, pictures and texts are for learning reference only Proficient in Mold|Blow Molded Products |Blow molding factory started in 1998, trustworthy.

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