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Blow molding is a way to produce plastic hollow products, among which extrusion blow molding is a common production method for hollow blow molding manufacturers. Blow molding products such as plastic bottles, barrels and boxes will be applied to this process. The first plastic extrusion blow molding equipment in the world was produced in 1939. At that time, the blow molding equipment configured by hollow blow molding manufacturers was very simple and only enough for intermittent production. With technological exploration and technological progress, the mechanical structure, function and automation level of plastic blow molding equipment have been improved. Extrusion blow molding is an optimized hollow blow molding technology. In hollow blow molding manufacturers, hollow blow molding is mainly to process thermoplastic resin with a screw rod to form a parison with a certain shape. After the processing is completed, it is placed in a sealed mold prepared in advance, and the inflation molding operation is completed with the help of compressed air. , and then make a blow molded product with the same shape as the mold. Hollow blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding. What is extrusion blow molding? The extrusion blow molding operation is to heat and melt the thermoplastic resin through screw extrusion, and extrude a certain length of tubular parison under the action of pressure. After the processing is completed, it is placed in a sealed mold prepared in advance. The inflation molding operation is done with the help of compressed air, and the finished product is then processed. The extrusion hollow blow molding operation process will be processed into products of different sizes according to the size of the extruder, such as bottle containers, barrel containers, etc., and can also be processed into bottled containers and barreled containers according to different processing operations. It has wide application prospects in many fields. From a practical point of view, the end of the extruded parison is in an open state, and in Hollow blow molding manufacturers will apply welding lines for operation after processing operations. In the specific implementation of operations, they need to operate according to certain molds. If they do not operate according to the requirements of the molds, the final processed products will not be able to meet actual needs. Extrusion blow molding has some shortcomings, that is, the end of the extruded parison needs to be open, and the bottom of the parison made product must have a weld line. If the operation is not performed properly during the forming operation, the strength of the entire part will be affected. Let's take a look at stretch blow molding again. When performing operations, high molecular polymers are used to create packaging containers under the action of highly elastic molecules, and transparent, high-strength packaging containers are produced according to certain needs. The stretch blow molding operation is generally completed in two steps. The DI operation step is to create a small tubular parison, and the second operation step is to heat the processed parison. The heat treatment will make the parison show A certain amount of flexibility. Above we have introduced the two molding processes used by hollow blow molding manufacturers, including basic blow molding and stretch blow molding. For more industry information, please pay attention to Ningbo Mastery Proficient in molds | Hollow blow molding manufacturers |Since 1998, trustworthy.

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