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Injection mold maintenance points


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

As the main production tool of plastic products, injection mold determines the shape, specification, size and appearance roughness of plastic parts. The material of the injection mold is generally steel, which consists of a front mold/back mold. Because injection molds are special, precise, and easily damaged, it is particularly important to protect them safely. The general summary is as follows: Anti-corrosion: prevent injection molds from rusting due to leakage, condensation, rain, fingerprints, etc. .

Anti-collision: Prevent the mold from being damaged due to the injection mold being broken and not rebounding in place. Burrs: Prevent mold burrs caused by cloth wiping/material punching/hand wiping/nozzle knife collision. Missing parts: prevent the injection mold from being damaged due to missing parts such as tie rods and gaskets during use.

Anti-crushing: prevent injection molds from being locked due to product residues and cause mold crushing. Underpressure: prevent damage to the injection mold due to too low pressure. Among them, the proportion of injection mold damage caused by broken thimble, unreturned thimble, residual products in the mold, and lack of auxiliary parts is relatively high, and because of the frequent occurrence, more than 85% of the damage to the injection mold is caused by this, resulting in injection molding Mold maintenance costs are generally relatively high, so how to avoid such situations is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.

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