Key systems and technologies of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment (3)


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The key system and technology of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment (2) Blow mold rapid thermal cycle system and optimization The temperature of the mold during the blow molding process is generally much lower than the thermal deformation temperature of the plastic. For some blow molded products, this will cause defects such as rough surfaces. The surface of the blow molded products must be post-treated, thereby increasing the cost. Taking blow-molded automobile deflectors with high apparent performance as the research object, a corresponding rapid thermal cycle molding technology was developed to dynamically control the surface temperature of the mold cavity through cyclic heating and cooling. In order to improve the uniformity of temperature distribution on the surface of the mold cavity and shorten the molding cycle as much as possible, an optimization strategy integrating FE method, NN method and multi-objective genetic algorithm was used to optimize the design of the heating system for rapid thermal cycle. The optimization process is briefly described as: According to the structural characteristics of the deflector blow molding product mold, the geometric model of heat transfer analysis is established, and the system design variables, boundary constraints and objective functions are determined; the Latin hypercube sampling technique is used to extract in the design space 100 sets of test samples were simulated by heat transfer FE to obtain the objective function value (cavity surface temperature distribution and heating time), and the NN model was established by using the simulation results; the multi-objective genetic algorithm was used to optimize and solve the established NN model to obtain the design Z-optimal value of the variable, it is carried out FE simulations are validated and used for the design of the heating system. The results show that this optimization strategy can quickly and effectively obtain the optimized parameters of the heating system, and the optimized heating system can significantly improve the temperature uniformity of the cavity surface (the maximum temperature difference is less than 10 ℃). Through the above modeling and optimization, dynamically adjusting the mold temperature during the processing of blow molding products can significantly reduce the problem of product defects caused by the low temperature of the mold in blow molding, and it is expected to blow mold industrial parts with A-level surface . Proficient in moulds|blow molding products|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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