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​Plastic molds have developed from simple surface processing to all-round processing of surface and structural surfaces, from medium and low speed processing to high speed processing, and the development of processing automation is very rapid. The clamping force should be sufficient. At present, many plastic molds made of plastic molds are exquisite and exquisite.

In order to improve the quality of the mold, you need to pay attention to these things while making the mold. Next is my experience in mold manufacturing, and I will share it with you. A mold must be equipped with side locks (straight cylinder locks) on all four sides. If side locks cannot be installed, smoothness locks or cone locks must be installed.

The finish lock should be installed horizontally. The second row must have accurate positioning. Positioning methods include wave beads, standard row clips, etc., which actually need to be in accordance with the requirements of each project.

Rows must have decorative strips, wear-resistant steel. Decorative strips, the purity of the stainless steel plate is insufficient. The first level: Hollow fiber membrane: The hollow fiber membrane removes all kinds of floating dust and residues that are visible in the drinking water. Wear-resistant steel must use high wear-resistant hardness, and oil grooves are required.

3. Basic structure The mold must be equipped with braces, the two sides must be ground off, the small mold is prestressed and stretched, and the large mold is prestressed and stretched-. 4. During the production process, the surface layer of the mold base must be carefully maintained to prevent corrosion and scratches. Before packing, the mandrel must be sprayed with white or colorless anti-rust oil, the entire surface of the mold must be cleaned, and then coated with unsalted butter.

5. There should be no bevel on the mold, it must be rounded. outside of the very indicated areas. The diameter of the positioning ring must conform to the engineering drawing, and the form and position of the top rod joint must conform to the engineering drawing.

Sixth, the guide post and guide sleeve of the mold base needs to be processed with exhaust pipe grooves. China's import of CNC lathes for molds will continue to prevent the guide post and guide sleeve from being contused in a short period of time. ​Contact: Mr. Tang 13825769150​Try to avoid using an electric grinder to grind and polish the mold. If you have to use an electric grinder to process it, you must use an oil stone to save light (especially the analysis surface. 7. All screws and mold parts need standard parts , the screw head cannot be sawn off.

The length of the screw lock must be sufficient, and everything is normal or not; for the lower mold base, a prying hole must be made in the middle of the plate; Eight, the inclined seat must use wear-resistant high hardness. The inclined top must be processed with oil groove, and the inclined top seat is generally used or hardened to - degree, because the inclined top seat is subjected to impact load, so it should not be too hard or it will break, and chamfer all the bevel parts.

And it is cooled and set in the cavity. Therefore, in order to avoid such accidents, the operator should always observe the flexibility of the structure, and adjust the smoothness of the movement to prevent it from happening. Nine, all core mold raw materials, mold base level requirements must be purchased according to the order information, or the technical specifications formally determined during the design approval process. Be sure to show the material certificate, if it is a hard mold, be sure to show the heat treatment process report.

Specialized store plastic mold plastic mold injection molding processing mold tool mold instrument equipment mold mold processing mold design plan daily household goods mold and other production and manufacturing service items consultation, -- the driving force of the development of the field of casting molds except high-tech product development and production In addition to mandatory norms such as output rate and international application, the key is market demand. The market is the initial strong driving force for the development of an industry, and there will be a market wherever there is demand. For the above-mentioned large and medium-sized continuous extrusion machines, it should be added to the current stage. For the field of metal forging molds in my country, the market is still a strong driving force for its development, and it is also the market in various countries.

However, due to the fact that there is still a certain gap between my country's mold technology and the current international level, the backwardness of mold technology has led to great restrictions on the independent development of many industrial chains in the manufacturing industry. Some molds with new technological components still depend on Because of imports, and overseas excellent companies have paid more attention to technical maintenance in recent years, this has caused certain difficulties in the technology introduction of Chinese mold companies. According to statistics, the development of the die-casting mold industry in my country at this stage is mainly limited by the following factors: 1. The use of raw materials. There are still many shortcomings in the comparison between my country's die-casting mold industry and overseas.

Second, the outdated production technology. The development of my country's die-casting mold industry has been greatly hindered, and it is more difficult to comb the barrel. The cost of copying molds is much lower than that of traditional molds, but it is also relatively sensitive. The outdated production technology has already become a major shortcoming in the development of the die-casting mold industry chain.

3. Insufficient management system of supporting facilities in my country's die-casting mold industry is another major obstacle to its development. 4. Generally speaking, the management level of die-casting mold companies in my country is generally low, most of them do not have good standards, and many of them are managed by workshops. Many companies are managed by the boss himself, and he is responsible for everything. Such a management mechanism has largely restricted the further development of die-casting mold companies in my country.

With the rapid development of the economy, a complete economic system has been basically established. The normal operation of this huge economic system is inseparable from the support of the mold industry. According to statistics, as of now, 70% of the companies in my country's hardware mold industry chain are still private enterprises. Now, my country is striving to develop towards the overall goal of hardware mold processing and import and export power. A good expansion of the mold market and consumption potential requires strong technical support on the one hand, and the guidance of top-notch performance from large companies on the other. Wherever industrial production is relatively developed, most of them attach great importance to the development of mold processing and manufacturing, especially mold machinery and equipment.

However, at present, the technology of my country's mold industry is poor. In the road of transformation and development, although it has achieved remarkable results, it has gradually entered a transformation period. The company still needs to be optimistic about the opportunity to complete the reversal. Under the circumstances that the economic environment of various countries in the world is still uncertain, several mold standard parts companies in our country are also facing great operational pressure and development doubts, and many companies have experienced slow growth, declining economic benefits and development A sign of lack of energy. For high-precision and complex molds, micro-deformation mold steels with good materials should be selected (such as air-quenched steels). For mold steels with serious cementite shrinkage, effective forging and heat treatment should be carried out. Carry out heat treatment and tempering double optimized heat treatment process.

Heat and melt the raw materials into a viscous fluid state​Contact: Mr. Tang 13825769150​.

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