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Talk about the polishing skills and influencing factors of plastic molds


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The polishing of plastic molds needs to be done step by step, and the work should be done step by step. First, it needs to use oil stone from coarse to fine for corresponding processing. Use different types of diamond smoke abrasives for coarse to fine polishing. Mirror polishing also involves the use of tools. During rough processing, polishing technicians have corresponding technical requirements for the usage and strength of the oil stone. The moving position must be even and will not rub grooves. Sandpaper is required. Use high-quality wood, and the wood for grinding is divided into cork and hardwood. Generally, hardwood is used for rough grinding, and cork is absolutely required for polishing, and then combined with imported diamond polishing paste to achieve the mirror effect. Factors to be considered for plastic injection molds: injection cost, how much per beer according to the size of the machine, and then confirm the product ranking method and number of holes.

The more molds are released, the lower the cost of injection molding. Because the cost is added in injection molding, the cost calculation is based on the number of beers. Product appearance, according to product appearance requirements, recognize the parting surface.

The orientation of the parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc. The more products, the greater the risk of cosmetic problems. Nozzle method, confirm the shape, size, and exhaust position of the main runner and the runner.

The cost of the hot runner mold is high, but the cost of the nozzle is saved. Each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how the user chooses. When the product is released from the mold, confirm the ejection method and the position of the ejector pin. The more ejection positions, the higher the mold cost.

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