Technical elements of mold inserts for blow molding products


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Technical elements of mold inserts for blow molding products Blow molding products are generally put into production in batches (thousands at least, tens of thousands at most, or even more). When the mold is in high-load operation during production, the die opening and incision of the mold must not only ensure the molding of blow molding products but also It is guaranteed to cut off the remaining material of the parison, so the contact area of ​​these parts is small and relatively sharp, and these parts are easy to wear and damage. In order to ensure that it is durable and easy to change, these parts are usually made into inlays and inlaid in The required parts of the blow molding product mold, such as the barrel mouth of various plastic barrels, the bottle mouth and bottle bottom of plastic products, and the down blowing parts of various blow molding product containers. The design of the mold insert needs to be determined according to the specific shape of the blow molded product. The material of the insert is usually made of quenched tool alloy steel, copper beryllium alloy and other materials. The bottom of the blow molding product mold is generally provided with a separate insert to squeeze and seal one end of the parison and cut off the tail. When designing the insert at the bottom of the mold, it is necessary to consider the clamping edge and the tailing groove, which have an important impact on the molding and performance of the blow molded product. For them need to pay attention to the following aspects. 1. It must have sufficient strength, wear resistance and rigidity, and be able to withstand the pressure on the melt of the extruded parison during the process of repeated compound molding. 2. Copper-beryllium alloy or quenched tool steel is often used for mold inserts. Copper-beryllium alloy inserts have better thermal conductivity, while steel inserts have a longer service life. For soft plastics (such as LDPE), the insert can generally be made of aluminum and can be integrated with the mold body of the blow molded product. 3. For the insert at the seam, it is necessary to understand that the seam is the weakest part of the container of the blow-molded product. The insert here needs to be double-clamped with tailing grooves to increase its thickness and strength appropriately and cut off the tail , forming a neat cut. 4. It should be able to cut off the tail material and form a neat cut. Proficient in mold| Blow Molded Products | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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