What are the key points in the trial of plastic molds?


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Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry to give plastic products a complete configuration and size. Due to the variety of plastics and processing methods, and the structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products, the types and structures of plastic molds are also varied. Today, the injection mold processing factory will tell you about the key points of plastic mold testing, let's take a look.

Points to note when plastic molds are tested: 1. Before mold testing: first check whether the mold is assembled and whether the raw materials are dried; Return the mold and fill in the record form; 3. When loading the mold: 1. Align the center point of the mold, and then carry out the work of the mold; 2. The mold must be locked and check whether the high-pressure mold clamping is effective. The clamping force depends on the size of the mold It is determined that the high pressure required for large molds is 80~90PMa; the high pressure required for small molds is 40~65PMa; 3. After adjusting the mold clamping high pressure, adjust the switch mode to normal speed, and perform low pressure time-distance-pressure; 4. Speed ​​adjustment Work, low pressure work is very important in normal production, the cause of mold damage is incomplete low pressure work caused by mold damage. 4. Cleaning the material tube: other color materials and impurities in the material tube should be removed to reduce the injection pressure; 1. Holding pressure, injection time; 2. Holding time, reduce the pressure to 50PMa; 3. Then increase according to the product condition, Adjust to the required pressure, and compare the samples of low-pressure forming condition, medium-pressure forming condition and high-pressure forming condition to analyze the flow channel mode. 5. Before the mold test, try the mold manually to confirm whether the demoulding action is smooth and the return status is good.

And spray the mold release agent to the condition of the master mold during the injection of the trial mold, and then adjust the position of the demoulding method after forming; 6. The number of molds for each trial is based on the notice of the production tube, and the mold department must be notified before each trial run for confirmation Mold trial action; after the product is tested, it is reviewed by the customer. After the inspection is completed, fill in the molding condition record form and the mold status form; 7. When the mold trial is completed, the mold should be sprayed with anti-rust agent first, and the mold should be lowered to the mold department for modification; 8. Each mold trial must follow the above items before the mold can be tested , Accurate time for mold testing and superiors send personnel to try out molds, and do not try molds without permission. The above is the whole content of the main points of the plastic mold when trying the mold. Everyone must pay attention to the key points and precautions sorted out above.

The application range of plastic molds is very wide, such as automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, daily necessities, etc.!.

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