Will the harsh environment affect the quality of injection mold products?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Injection mold factories have tens, hundreds and thousands of people. Some environments are good, some are normal, and some are bad. Will the harsh environment affect product quality? The answer is yes.

The author starts with the mold room of the injection mold factory. If the molds and other equipment in the mold room are neatly arranged, there is no oil on the ground and table, and everyone works in an orderly manner, then the molds produced by it can be seen from the perspective of the injection molding workshop that the injection molding machine is neatly arranged and exhausted. The equipment is well-equipped, the workshop is well ventilated, there is no oil and other small amount of debris on the ground, the equipment has been improved, and the personnel of the injection molding department operate safely according to the rules. rule.

The wiring inside the mechanical equipment is neat and not exposed. The oil spray silk screen part has good ventilation facilities. Personnel in this section have regular monthly physical examinations and strictly follow high-risk work operations.

Chemical substances should be placed in designated places and placed neatly. , is handled by a special person, and the merger is handled by a special person for local processing. Although the above operations seem simple, they are not important, but they are very important for the products produced by the injection mold factory.

Injection molds have become widely used materials in various fields. Mold has been serving the market with its reputation. Its quality is mainly reflected in six aspects.

The following is a detailed and comprehensive introduction. Next, the number of work cycles the mold can complete or the number of parts produced. All front and rear internal molds, inserts, rows, slanted tops, straight tops (push blocks), etc. must be machined on the bottom or sides of the girdle pocket and engraved with material name and hardness.

Maintenance cost, cycle time, etc. Product quality: product dimensional stability, compliance, product surface finish, product material utilization rate, etc. Before packing the mould, it is necessary to spray white and/or colorless anti-rust agent to the inner mould.

Injection molds are not only of high quality, but also longer than other molds, which can not only save more customer costs, but also bring accurate user experience, thus saving your trouble, workload and professional safety assurance.

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