How does the blow molding product processing factory achieve continuous extrusion


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The advantage of the extrusion blow molding method is that the structure of the extruder and the extrusion blow molding mold is simple, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause inconsistent wall thickness of the product. In blow molding products processing plants, extrusion blow molding can usually be divided into continuous extrusion blow molding and intermittent extrusion blow molding. The parison of the continuous extrusion blow molding method is continuous. By cutting and transferring the parison to the blow mold or moving the blow mold under the die, the mold is closed, inflated and cooled to shape. Blow molding products processing plants are usually used to produce hollow products with a volume of 10mL to 30L, and the product quality can range from several grams to several kilograms. The equipment used is generally composed of an extrusion device, a die, a blow mold, a clamping device and an air blowing device. The die is a key part in the extrusion blow molding equipment, it affects the uniformity of the wall thickness distribution, thereby affecting the quality of the product, so The blow molding product processing plant should carefully choose the structure and design of the parison die. Commonly used parison dies include support dies, side feed dies and double ring support dies. The bracket die is suitable for processing heat-sensitive polymers, such as PVC, PC, PET and PAN (polyacrylonitrile); the side-feed die is suitable for processing HDPE with a medium molecular weight; the double-ring bracket die is suitable for Processing high molecular weight PE and PP. The form of the clamping device in the blow molding product processing plant depends on whether it is transferring the parison or moving the mold. Those who transfer the parison should use a positioning clamping device, while those who move the mold should use a reciprocating or rotary clamping device. 1. Transfer parison method: The positioning type clamping device is composed of one or several groups of opening and closing devices that open and close the mold in the horizontal direction. When performing blow molding operations, the extruded parison is first clamped and cut with a clamp, and then transferred to the blow mold for closing and blow molding. 2. Mold shifting method: The reciprocating mold clamping device is a group or several groups of opening and closing mold devices that move horizontally, vertically or at a certain slope directly under the die. When the parison is extruded to a specified length, the reciprocating motion is used. Move the blow mold to the bottom of the die, close the mold, then move the blow mold and the parison to the bottom of the blowing device for inflation, cooling and shaping, and release the product. The rotary clamping device is to place more than three sets of mold opening and closing devices on the rotary table, and the continuously extruded parisons are clamped by the blow mold in turn, and then inflated and cooled to shape. Through the above method, the blow molding product processing plant realizes continuous extrusion. Proficient in molds | Blow molding products processing factory |Since 1998, trustworthy.

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