Do you know the preparation and processing process before injection mold debugging?


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1. Drawing inspection Injection mold debugging must be prepared according to the mold debugging notice issued by the foreign cooperation department or production department. The first is drawing review. There are two pictures here, one is the product picture for mold debugging, and the other is the mold picture.

According to the product drawings, understand the required materials, geometric dimensions, function and appearance requirements, such as color, spots, impurities, seam marks, depressions, etc. According to the mold drawing, we can know the equipment selected for mold debugging, and the technical parameters are the same. 2. Equipment inspection Check the oil, water, circuit and mechanical moving parts of the equipment used, maintain the equipment according to the requirements, and check the technical parameters of the equipment: the diameter of the positioning ring, the size of the nozzle sphere R, the nozzle aperture, the minimum mold thickness, the maximum mold thickness , Die-moving stroke, tie rod spacing and ejection method, etc.

According to the mold test requirements, make preparations before starting work. Mold testing equipment should be consistent with machines in future production. This is because the technical parameters of the equipment are related to the technical standards of the trial products.

Temperature fluctuations, pressure ranges, dry cycle time, and mechanical and hydraulic transmission stability all affect the quality of injection molds. If the mold is tested with equipment with high clamping force and transferred to an injection molding machine with low clamping force, it may be necessary to change the molding conditions. 3. Material preparation Check whether the specifications, models, grades, additives, and color masterbatches of the processed plastic raw materials meet the requirements, and dry the raw materials with high humidity to determine the ratio.

In principle, the raw materials specified in the drawings should be used, because the mold is designed according to the physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials, and raw materials with good fluidity, fast curing and good thermal stability can also be used to test the structure of the mold, which can truly reflect the product The distribution of various parts, fillets, wall thickness and ribs can be used as a reference for modifying the injection mold. 4. Mold inspection Before the injection mold is installed on the injection molding machine, the mold should be inspected according to the mold drawing, so as to find problems in time and repair the mold. According to the assembly drawing of the injection mold, determine the dimensions of the mold, the positioning ring, the inlet of the main channel, the sphere R matched with the nozzle, the inlet and outlet of the cooling water, the height and width of the pressure plate pad, etc.

The gating system and cavity of the mold need to be opened for inspection. When the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated, pay attention to the direction mark and avoid injection molding Injection molding is a very precise process, which contains many knowledge points, so be careful to avoid some product defects. ① Different materials require different temperatures during injection molding. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will have a bad effect on the processing of the material, and it will be unfavorable to the final product. Influence, for example, if the temperature is too low, there will be some abnormalities in the color of the liquid material, if it is too high, the product will have burrs after production, and the product quality will not meet to demand.

②In the injection molding process, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the speed inside the sprue. If it is too fast, there will be burrs, and it will cause overfilling and burning. If it is too slow, there will be shrinkage. And easy cracking, etc., so we must pay attention to the control of its processing speed when pouring, so that the quality of the produced products can meet the required requirements. ③It is necessary to pay attention to controlling the cooling time during the mold injection molding process. The specific required time needs to be determined according to the specific conditions of the processed product. The cooling time will have a greater impact on the brightness of the finished product marked by the injection mold processing, so it is You must pay more attention.

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