Do you know what are the characteristics of injection molds?


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Do you know what are the characteristics of injection molds? How much do you know about mold injection molding? Today, injection mold processing manufacturers will answer for you! Let's take a look together! 1. The cavity and the core are three-dimensional. The cavity and the core directly form the inner and outer shapes of the plastic part. These complex three-dimensional surfaces, especially the blind holes in the cavity, are very difficult to process. The traditional processing method has a high technical level for workers, requires many auxiliary tools, and takes a long time to process. 2. There are high requirements for precision and surface quality, as well as long service life. At present, the dimensional accuracy of general plastic parts is required to be it6-7, the surface roughness is ra0.2-0.1μM, and the size of the corresponding injection mold parts The precision requirement is IT5-6, the surface roughness is less than ra0.1μM, the surface roughness of the laser disk should reach the level of 0.02-0.01μM, and the surface roughness of the mold is required to be less than 0.01μM.

In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, injection molds with long service life are required. At present, the injection mold needs to have a service life of more than 1 million times. In order to prevent the injection mold from being deformed under pressure, a rigid mold base should be used to increase the thickness of the mold, and add support columns or tapered positioning elements. An important factor affecting product deformation and dimensional accuracy is the ejector device. The ejector point should be selected well to ensure uniform demoulding.

Most of the high-precision injection molds adopt mosaic or fully assembled structures, which requires the processing accuracy and interchangeability of mold parts to be greatly improved. 3. The processing process is long and the manufacturing time is tight. Luo Baihui, a mold expert, believes that for injection molded parts, most of them form complete products with other parts. In many cases, they wait for the injection molded parts to be launched after other parts are completed. The shape or dimensional accuracy of the product is relatively high, and the characteristics of the resin materials are different. After the mold is manufactured, the mold needs to be tested and modified repeatedly, so the development and delivery time of the mold is very tight.

4. Off-site design and manufacturing Mold manufacturing is not the ultimate goal, but the final product design proposed by the user. Mold manufacturers design and manufacture molds according to user requirements. In most cases, products produced by injection molding are also produced by other manufacturers. Because the production batch of the mold is relatively small, and it is generally produced in a single piece, but the production of a set of molds requires a large number of standard parts, including mold bases, thimbles, etc., which cannot be manufactured by only one manufacturer, and its process manufacturing Complex, the use of ordinary equipment and CNC equipment is extremely unbalanced.

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