Numerical Control Transformation of Vertical Lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Ordinary vertical lathes can meet the cutting of ordinary end faces and outer circles, but they are not suitable for the processing of curved surface parts. To process curved surface parts, it is necessary to design and manufacture tooling according to the requirements of the parts, and then use the tooling for processing, so there are high production costs and low product quality. Poor adaptability, long processing cycle and other disadvantages. According to the structural characteristics of the vertical lathe, after the technical and economic feasibility analysis, the transformation of the full digital DC speed regulation of the main drive system of the machine tool and the numerical control of the left tool post feed system Retrofit and the design and commissioning of the numerical control electrical control system have been carried out in detail. 1. The full digital DC speed regulation transformation of the main drive system adopts the British Continental 590~+ full digital DC speed governor, while retaining the original speed change mechanism. On the basis of this, the original hydraulic 16-stage manual speed change of the machine tool is transformed into a hydraulic 4-stage stepless speed regulation. The transformation includes the speed regulation scheme and the selection of the motor, the adjustment of the main drive transmission route, the control circuit of the DC speed governor, and the design of the PLC control program. ;2, The numerical control transformation of the feed system of the left tool post adopts the ball screw to replace the original sliding screw, semi-closed loop control. The transformation content includes the selection of the control mode of the servo feed system, the determination of the transformation plan of the mechanical part of the feed system; Parameter calculation and selection of lever pair and servo motor; 3. The SINUMERIK 802D CNC system effectively realizes the X-axis and Z-axis linkage control of the left tool post. The design content of the CNC electrical control system mainly includes the composition and connection of the CNC electrical control system. , The design and debugging of the PLC program in the numerical control system.

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