The secret of high-efficiency laminated die


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Stacked molds are famous because their production efficiency far exceeds that of ordinary single-sided molds. What kind of secret does it have? 1) The composition of the laminated mold The laminated mold is composed of various systems such as a hot runner system, a special mold base system, a load-bearing guide system, a two-way ejection system, and a mold opening and closing linkage system. 2) Features of laminated molds ①The production efficiency of laminated molds far exceeds that of ordinary single-layer molds, which greatly reduces the cost of injection molding. As far as its structural characteristics are concerned, the laminated mold combines multiple sub-cavities into one sub-cavity, and the production requirements can be met by making full use of ordinary injection molding equipment.

Injection molding, holding pressure, and cooling time are the same as ordinary molds, which determines that the production efficiency of laminated molds is more than double that of ordinary molds, thereby greatly increasing the output of products per unit time. ②The laminated mold can be installed on an ordinary injection molding machine without purchasing special machinery and equipment, which can save costs such as machinery and equipment, workshops and newly increased labor. The manufacturing requirements of laminated molds are basically the same as those of ordinary molds.

According to statistics, the production cycle of a pair of laminated molds is 5% to 10% shorter than that of two sets of ordinary molds. After production verification, the laminated injection mold has a reasonable structural design, high reliability, good product size consistency, a 30% reduction in mold cost, and doubled molding efficiency. As mentioned above, laminated molds are more suitable for mass production of flat products, small multi-cavity thin-walled products, and medical products. The larger the batch, the lower the cost of the product.

③Unlike ordinary molds, the cavities of laminated injection molds are distributed in two or more layers in an overlapping arrangement, which is equivalent to stacking multiple molds together. Usually, the laminated mold is installed back-to-back by two single-layer molds, and the parting surface generally relies on the gear and rack mechanism to open synchronously. Under normal circumstances, when the injection molding machine is used in conjunction with a conventional mold, its own injection volume and mold opening stroke are only 20-40% of the rated volume, which fails to give full play to its performance.

Compared with ordinary molds, laminated molds can increase production efficiency by nearly 100%, while clamping pressure is only about 10% higher. This greatly improves equipment utilization and productivity, and reduces injection molding costs.

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