Troubleshooting method for electrical system of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The electrical system of CNC vertical lathe is very important to the equipment, and for the operators who use the equipment, it is necessary to regularly investigate, analyze and diagnose the electrical system. At the same time, this is also the main process of troubleshooting the electrical system of CNC vertical lathes. In addition, there are several common methods for diagnosing electrical system faults.

1. Visual inspection is a must-use method in the initial stage of fault analysis. At the beginning of maintenance, it is necessary to ask the on-site personnel about the process of fault generation, fault performance and fault consequences. And in the whole process of analysis and judgment, multiple inquiries are required. Generally check whether the working status of each part of the machine tool is in a normal state.

Whether there is an alarm prompt on each electronic control device, check locally whether there is insurance burning, components are burnt, cracked, wires and cables fall off, whether the position of each operating component is correct, etc. When the whole machine is powered off, the cause of the possible failure can be found by touching the installation status of each main circuit board, the insertion status of the socket, the connection status of each power and signal wire. At this time, the main purpose of powering on is to check whether there is ignition, smoke, abnormal sound, smell, and whether there is an overheated motor and components when touching. Once there is an abnormality, immediately power off and analyze.

2. Use electrical instruments to diagnose faults. For each group of AC and DC power supply voltages, measure the relevant DC and pulse signals to find possible faults. You can check the condition of each circuit with a multimeter, measure the relevant signal state measurement points set on some circuit boards, and observe the amplitude of the relevant pulsating signal with an oscilloscope. 3. CNC vertical lathe signal and alarm indication analysis method The hardware alarm mainly includes the status and fault indicator lights on various electronic and electrical devices including the numerical control system and the servo system. Knowing the content of the indication, the cause of the fault and the troubleshooting method, you can Combining the status of the indicator light and the corresponding function.

Most of the software alarm indications are faults in the system software, PLC program and processing program. According to the relevant warnings, find the cause of the fault and determine the troubleshooting method. 4. Interface state inspection method The modern CNC system integrates PLC, and CNC and PLC are connected in the form of a series of interface signals. Some faults are caused by errors or loss of interface signals. Some of these interface signals can be displayed on the corresponding interface board. The indicator light is displayed. This inspection method has high requirements for maintenance personnel, who need to be familiar with the interface signals of the machine tool and the application of PLC programmers.

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