What are the contents of cnc processing process


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What are the contents of the cnc processing process? In the cnc processing process, many adjustments need to be made. Due to the different workpieces, some adjustments need to be made before the operation. Let's see how the cnc processing adjusts the workpiece coordinate system? When the operator adjusts the workpiece coordinate system, the reference point should be set outside the physical (geometric) length of all tools, at least on the tool position point of the Z-long tool. Regarding the workpiece coordinate system on the workpiece installation drawing, the operator obtains it by setting the offset of the machine tool coordinate system on the machine tool. That is, the operator sets a reference point on the machine tool, finds the scale between this reference point and the zero point of the workpiece coordinate system set by the programmer, and sets this scale as the offset of the workpiece coordinate system.

On a lathe, the reference point can be set at the center of rotation of the tool post, on the tip of the reference tool, or at other locations. If no other movement is added, the zero commanded by the programmer means that the reference point of the tool post (machine tool) moves to the zero orientation of the offset. At this moment, if the reference point is set at the rotation center of the tool holder, the tool holder must collide with the workpiece.

In order to ensure no collision, the reference point on the machine tool should not only be set outside the tool holder, but also outside all tools. In this way, even when the tool holder is equipped with a tool, the reference point will not collide with the workpiece. On a milling machine, the reference point of the X and Y axes is on the axis of the spindle.

However, the reference point of the Z axis can be set at the spindle end or at a point other than the spindle end. If it is at the spindle end, when the command is zero, the spindle end will reach the zero orientation specified by the coordinate system. At this moment, the end face key at the spindle end will collide with the workpiece: if the tool is housed on the spindle, it must collide with the workpiece.

In order to ensure no collision, the reference point on the Z axis should be set outside the length of all tools. Even without additional motion, the reference point will not hit the workpiece. CNC processing and adjusting the workpiece coordinate system is only a part, so what about the CNC processing process? (1) The skill preparation process includes market research, forecasting, new product judgment, process design, and standardization review before the product is put into production.

(2) Technological process refers to the process of directly changing the size, shape, surface orientation, surface roughness or function of raw material semi-finished products to make them into finished products. For example, liquid forming, plastic forming, welding, powder forming, cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc., all belong to the process. Write a reasonable process into a technical document to guide production, and this technical document is called a process specification.

(3) Auxiliary production process refers to the auxiliary production activities necessary to ensure the normal progress of the basic production process. (4) The production service process refers to the process of raw material arrangement, transportation, storage, storage, supply, product packaging, and sales.

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