What are the main steps of mold trial in injection molding?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In order to reduce the time wasted in mass production, it is necessary to adjust and control the processing conditions in time, find out the appropriate temperature and pressure conditions, formulate standardized injection molding processing experimental procedures, and can be used to establish daily working skills . Here, the mold injection molding factory will introduce to you the main steps of injection mold processing for mold testing. 1. Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct and whether it is baked according to regulations.

2. When flushing the material pipeline, care should be taken to prevent bad materials or miscellaneous materials from being injected into the mold, because bad materials and miscellaneous materials may kill the mold. Check whether the temperature of the pipe and the temperature of the mold are suitable for the raw material. 3. Adjust the pressure and injection volume, but do not run the burr edge and some mold products have not solidified, you should consider before adjusting the control conditions, because the filling rate of the mold changes slightly, it may cause the filling change of the mold.

4. Wait until the machine and mold conditions are consolidated, even a medium-sized machine may have to wait more than 30 minutes. Use this time to look at possible issues with the product. 5. The advance time of the screw cannot be shorter than the coagulation time of the gate, otherwise the weight of the product will be reduced and the performance of the product will be affected.

6. Run the new premise for at least 30 minutes until it is solid, then continue to produce at least a dozen overall style products, mark the date and number of containers and place them respectively according to the mold holes in order to test the solidity of the actual operation and obtain a reasonable small official control. 7. If the product size does not change much and the processing conditions are normal, it is necessary to observe whether the product quality of each cavity is qualified and whether the size is within the allowable small range. Record the number of holes in the mold continuously greater or less than the balance value to check whether the mold size is correct.

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