Blow molding products processing plant injection blow molding process


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Injection blow molding is to first make plastic into a bottomed parison by injection method, and then move it to a blow mold to make a hollow product. Blow molding product processing plants can use this method to produce packaging containers for daily necessities, cosmetics, medicine, food, etc., but their volume must not exceed 2L. Commonly used plastics are PE, PS and PVC. Compared with extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding products have the advantages of uniform wall thickness, stable bottle top size, less waste, and easy mold replacement. It is suitable for producing large quantities of small precision containers. Blow molding products processing plant The injection blow molding process is realized on special equipment. This kind of equipment is generally composed of three stations with a distance of 120°, and is equipped with an automatic rotating frame. There are also two-position mechanisms 180° apart or four-position mechanisms 90° apart. The injection blow molding process is divided into two stages: in the first stage, the injection machine injects the melt into the tube blank mold with the blowing core tube to form the tube blank. After opening, the tube blank is transferred to the blow mold with the core tube middle. In the second stage, the blow mold is closed, the compressed air is passed into the core tube to inflate the tube blank to form the product, and after cooling and setting, the mold is opened to take out the product. When the tube blank is transferred to the blow mold, the next tube blank forming starts. Compared with ordinary injection molding, the most important thing in injection blow molding is to control the mold when injecting the parison, so that the temperature of the polymer is within the range of high elastic state, so that it can be demolded and blown at the blowing station. expansion, therefore, the injection mold is heated/cooled with oil. In injection blow molding, the thickness of the design parison is 1-5~. The diameter of the mandrel actually depends on the largest inner diameter of the product. Blow molding products processing plant In order to determine the thickness of the parison, the wall thickness and the maximum inner diameter of the product must be known. .

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