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Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The scope of application of plastic molds is constantly expanding, such as household appliances, instruments and meters, construction equipment, automobile industry, daily hardware and many other fields. The proportion of plastic molds is increasing rapidly. So what are the precautions in plastic mold design? The following editor from Xingye of Shanghai Injection Molding Factory will introduce the design points of plastic molds: 1. Key points of flow path design at the feed inlet The feed inlet is set at the thicker part of the product to ensure smooth and complete filling of the mold.

The pull rod is set on the edge or the bottom, which is convenient for the mover. For demoulding of large or flat products, it is recommended to use multi-point feeding to prevent product warping and out of stock. In order to reduce pressure loss, facilitate mold venting, and avoid opening the gate near the slender core, please choose a short position during the plastic filling process so that the material flow does not directly affect the core.

The size of the gate is determined by the size, geometry, construction and plastic type of the product. It can be modified according to the mold test conditions. Whether the gate location affects the appearance and function of the product can be judged based on plume analysis or experience.

When a mold has multiple cavities, the same product can be cast symmetrically. 2. Matters needing attention in plastic mold design 1. When developing products or trial-manufacturing new products, it is easy to ignore the communication with plastic mold manufacturing companies. After the product design plan is initially determined, it can be guaranteed that the designed product has good molding technology. The molding personnel should make design preparations in advance to avoid inadvertent considerations affecting the construction period.

2. According to the different requirements of physical and chemical properties, part materials, dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength, surface finish, service life and economy, different types of molds are selected for molding, and there are strict requirements on mold materials and molding technology. Some parts have special requirements in the molding process, and the mold must adopt advanced technologies such as gas-assisted molding, hot runners, and nitrogen cylinders. 3. Generally speaking, large stamping dies must consider whether the machine tool has an edge stamping mechanism.

Multi-stage mold forming, etc. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, it is necessary to understand its processing capabilities, not only hardware equipment, but also management level, processing experience and technical strength. For the same mold, the quotations of different manufacturers may vary greatly, and users must conduct comprehensive measurements according to their own needs.

4. If there are qualified plastic molds, it is mainly related to the selection of machine tools, molding process and technical quality of operators. If you have a good plastic mold and a good molding process, it is best to always cooperate and try to avoid long-term cooperation. For more information about plastic molds, please visit Xingye's official website:

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