A big secret to reduce injection molding cycle - reduce cooling time


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the injection molding process, the cooling time accounts for 80% of the injection molding cycle, and the injection molding cycle is an important factor affecting the injection molding cost. Reducing the cooling time of injection molding is an important means to reduce the cost of injection molding. The factors affecting the cooling time in the injection molding process are: 1) The selected injection mold steel: If you want to improve the cooling efficiency, you need to give priority to the mold steel with better thermal conductivity when selecting materials.

2) Layout of mold water channels: When designing injection mold water channels, it is necessary to fully evaluate the hot spots of product structure design. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to consider designing a set of circulating water channels separately, and use the beryllium copper insert just mentioned or add a heat conduction needle to install a cooling tool for the thin-walled insert with a heat pipe. The waterway of the mold should adopt straight-through waterway as far as possible, reduce the waterway design with too many cooling wells and corners, and avoid too many dead water areas.

In the mold design stage, the layout of the cooling water channel is reasonably arranged to basically guarantee the cooling effect. 3) Mold temperature: It is determined by measuring the actual temperature of the water inlet and outlet points on the surface of the mold cavity. If the temperature difference between different areas and the temperature difference from the set value can be controlled within ±5°C, it means that the basic cooling effect is still acceptable.

4) Daily maintenance of injection molds: If there is oil or dirt on the surface of the mold, the cooling efficiency will generally be reduced. It is necessary to clean the surface of the cavity regularly and use a cleaning machine to clean the water channel of the mold. It is necessary to increase the flow of cooling water during the daily start-up inspection Monitoring and finding abnormalities need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Mulan is a custom precision mold manufacturing company with extensive experience in injection molds for complex molding conditions. We combine our experience with new technologies to provide you with efficient and economical mold injection molding solutions.

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