Top 10 wastes in injection molding process, good management, good quality


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

If you do not pay attention to the injection molding processing and production process, it will cause various losses. This requires the injection molding processing factory to control every processing link and have a complete processing system. After more than 10 years of experience in injection molding processing, Mulan injection molding processing plant has formed a complete processing flow, and summarized the top 10 wastes in the injection molding process, efficient production and cost saving. 1) The structural design of the injection mold is unreasonable, resulting in many times of mold trial and mold modification, and the consumption of raw materials, electricity and labor; 2) The injection molded parts produce burrs, the amount of post-processing processing is large, and the labor loss is large; 3) The use and maintenance of injection molds 1. The awareness of maintenance is not strong. During the injection molding process, there are many mold failures or even damage, which often results in waste of mold repair and shutdown; 4) The use, repair and maintenance of the injection molding machine are not done properly, which shortens the service life of the injection molding machine. The waste caused; 5) The staffing of the injection molding workshop is unreasonable, the division of labor is unclear, the responsibility is unclear, and no one is responsible, resulting in unsmooth injection molding processing and production, resulting in waste; 6) Insufficient vocational skills training, poor working ability of employees, and poor work quality , there are many problems, which will cause waste; 7) The management concept is backward, not keeping pace with the times, not learning, not making progress, and the injection molding technology management level is low, resulting in low production efficiency of the injection molding process; 8) Injection molding process technology The control is not in place, the amount of production waste is large, and the defect rate is high, resulting in the waste of batch returns; 9) The use of raw materials in the trial mold and injection molding production exceeds the plan, and the nozzle material or rubber head of the machine position is not strictly controlled, resulting in a large loss of plastic raw materials; 10 ) Improper planning or mold arrangement in injection molding production, frequent mold or machine changes, resulting in "material", "labor" and "cost" losses.

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